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Declining This Rose: Why The Bachelor Franchise Needs A Clean Up

It’s time for reality TV to get, well, real. The most recent season of The Bachelorette has exhausted me. I’ve been pretty uncomfortable, angry, and generally disenchanted with the faux-romance constructed by this highly edited narrative. There’s been too much negativity to bear: the abruptness of Clare Crawley’s departure, the swooning over Dale, how she manipulated the rest of the men in the house, Bennet’s draining belittling and unfortunate surprise return…

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Day One’s Impact In 2020

Since 2003, Day One has partnered with youth to end dating abuse and domestic violence through community education, supportive services, legal advocacy, and leadership development. 

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World AIDS Day 2020

Every year on December 1st, we mark World AIDS Day in order to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, show their support for those affected, and remember those who have passed away as a result of it. Today, there are almost 1.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. Of those 1.2 million people, about 14 percent are unaware and need testing. 

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#GivingTuesday: Give Back To Your Community This Holiday Season

Since 2003, Day One has been working with young people to end dating abuse and domestic violence. Day One provides a helpline and text line in order to reach a wider geographic area, particularly during the pandemic. These digital services provide confidential assistance over the phone to young people, help parents support teens/young adults involved in abusive relationships, and issues technical assistance to professionals handling a dating abuse/domestic violence case. Help us celebrate healthy relationships this year by supporting Day One’s life-saving work on #GivingTuesday!

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Advocacy For Racial Equity Can’t End With Domestic Violence Awareness Month: No Survivor Justice Without Racial Justice

Over the last several months, the Black Lives Matter movement has preempted a national conversation on race. The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among many others, have created an overwhelming demand to recognize institutionalized racism. Young peoples’ calls for equity have dominated newsfeeds and socials – with many posts including references to the Civil Rights Movement. Youth across America, especially young Black people, have come out to fight against racially-motivated police brutality – and all forms of violence perpetrated against black bodies across the U.S. 

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Why I Vote

I vote because I can!  I vote every year in elections big and small, and I bring my daughter with me! I am at a unique age, young enough to never have been denied the right to vote as a black woman, but old enough to hear my grandparents and great grandparents tell me about a time they could not vote.  I was taught to never take a right to vote for granted.   

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Statement On Breonna Taylor

Since 2003, Day One has been working with young people to end dating abuse and domestic violence. Our hearts go out to her family and friends experiencing this level of disregard on top of their loss. We are heartbroken and furious that her killers will not be held accountable.

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Manipulation, Gaslighting, And Psychological Attacks: Understanding Emotional Abuse

A recent survey of college-aged survivors of domestic violence revealed a surprising fact: even though they had all been in abusive relationships, as many as 70% of them did not know at the time that their relationship was abusive. The experience of the survey participants was not unique. Oftentimes, domestic violence is characterized as physical or sexual abuse. However, there are many ways one partner may attempt to control the other, and not all of them are easily identifiable. Last month, we shared a blog post about tech abuse. Today, we’ll be unpacking the concept of emotional abuse. 

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