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Helping Survivors With Mental Health After Emerging From Quarantine

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, experts have feared that at home quarantines would result in a spike in domestic violence. Recent reports show that this fear has become a reality. Survivors of domestic violence have been trapped at home with their abusers for months. In light of suicide prevention week this September 6 to September 12, it is essential to check in and ensure that survivors who are in and are emerging from abusive quarantines are taking care of their mental health. 

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Protecting Yourself From Technology-Based Abuse

For the past several months, experts have predicted an increase in the number of technology-based cases of domestic violence. This is a particular concern for young people, who experience dating abuse of all kinds at higher rates. Furthermore, people of all ages are often unable to identify tech abuse, since it is rarely explicitly discussed. In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s important for individuals to find ways to secure their virtual lives and social platforms.

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The Youth To Youth Program Presents You & I: A Teen’s Guide To Relationships

This summer, Day One’s Youth to Youth Leadership Development Program worked together to create this relationship reflection journal as their end-of-program final project. The goal of this journal was to get young people thinking about their relationships, with partners and with themselves. Going through different stages of a relationship, You and I: A teen’s guide to relationships hopes to provide some guidance in reflecting on love in all its forms. 

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Why Domestic Violence Survivors Fear Turning To The Police

In recent weeks, police brutality and violence have sparked discussions among policy makers about defunding the police and allocating more funds to community resources. Opposers of this idea have used domestic violence as a reason for why the U.S. still needs the police at its current capacity. However, a variety of factors, including one’s race, gender, sexual orientation, and economic class, make calling the police to respond to domestic violence a difficult decision. Before reaching out to the police, it is important to know what to expect.

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Glamorizing Sexual Assault In Television & Film Needs To Stop

Society continues to normalize the objectification of women and glamorize sexual violence in modern television and film. Plots hinge on drama and screenwriters often use sexual abuse as a tool to make a storyline more interesting. It’s time for all characters to stop playing victims of abuse at the expense of entertainment and high ratings.

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The Targeting Of The Transgender Community

Today, the United States prison system incarcerates more people for longer periods of time than any other country’s prison system. Furthermore, it is extremely clear that the prison system as it currently stands is racist, sexist, and homophobic. In particular, it is important to acknowledge how this system disproportionately impacts the Transgender community, creating a system of disrespect and mistreatment from civilians and law enforcement officials alike.

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The Luvving Zine: Issue 2, Luvving From Afar

The second issue of Day One’s Luvving Zine called upon creatives to express themselves during the hard times of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the outbreak of Covid-19, many have felt lost, powerless and isolated. A lack of motivation to create and take care of oneself has persisted. 

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