Turning the Page: Writing the Next 20 Years of Healthy Love

This #GivingTuesday, we are embarking on a powerful journey: “Turning the Page and Writing the Next 20 Years of Healthy Love.” For two decades, Day One has been at the forefront of change, partnering with over 200,000 young individuals, families, educators, and communities to nurture healthy relationships and pave the way for a world free from dating abuse. Each year, we’ve added a new chapter to our story, and as we mark our 20th anniversary, we’re eager to write the next two decades with the same passion, dedication, and hope that have defined us so far.

Dating violence shows up in various ways, spanning technological, emotional, and financial abuse. Crucially, it is essential to recognize that physical violence is not the sole indicator of this issue. When we consider all these harmful behaviors collectively, a staggering statistic emerges: nationally, 1 in 3 teenagers reports experiencing abuse within their romantic relationships.

Your invaluable support for Day One allows access to critical resources such as counseling services, legal assistance, and preventative education for thousands of young people who are grappling with, or are vulnerable to, intimate partner violence. Join us today by making a donation or initiating your own fundraising campaign to help empower young people. Your actions can create a safer and healthier environment for young people, paving the way for relationships built on trust and respect.

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