Day One envisions a culture where young people are empowered to create and transform communities with an understanding of healthy relationships as the norm. This requires transformation at the individual, interpersonal, systemic and cultural level.​

To address the prevalence of relationship violence among young people, we recognize and combat behaviors and attitudes that normalize violence, replicate abuse of power, and reinforce intersecting oppressions. Preventing dating violence must be achieved in the context of preventing family, community, and state violence.
Our strategies are interconnected and inform how we work with young people. Our services include intervention and healing, prevention, and power-building. 
  • Building emotional resilience and healing
  • Practicing healthy relationship skills 
  • Offering role models of healthy relationships
  • Increasing youths’ knowledge and enhancing their beliefs and attitudes about healthy relationships
  • Providing opportunities for engagement in youth spaces 
  • Advocating for young survivors of dating violence 
  • Promoting policies that support youth survivors 
Young people may find Day One through one of our community programs, services for survivors, or volunteer opportunities. Our approach to working with youth in all of our programs is to engage with them where they are and invest in the relationship to create systems of change.

The way Day One brings about this transformation is by creating a ripple effect that begins with a young person

Individual Support

Personal Transformation

Model of Healthy Relationships on Many Levels

Empowerment and Agency

True Leadership from Affected Communities

Communities Center Healthy Relationships and Advocate for Change

Transformation of Systems and Culture

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