The mission of the YPB of Day One is to help support Day One in our efforts to provide legal services, preventive education, and peer leadership opportunities to NYC youth. Its goal is to increase the awareness of Day One, support the functioning of the organization, and help put an end to domestic violence in our community.

The YPB is a hands-on group that provides advice, assistance, and imagination to the staff and Board of Day One. The YPB is a group with strong ties to the community, knowledge of what is happening around town, and a commitment to philanthropy and volunteerism. Each individual member brings unique talents to the board—expertise in domestic violence, youth issues, education, legal services, policy, fundraising, event planning, nonprofit administration—reflecting the diverse community that is New York City.

I think that the best way to tackle any issue is to start at the root cause and educate people about it. If we want to end domestic violence and sexual assault, it is important to educate young people about healthy relationships, their rights, and resources available in case they find themselves in that situation. I really believe in the mission of Day One.

Brena, Young Professionals Board Member

As a YPB member you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Assist Day One in promoting our programs, services, and events by forwarding information to friends, colleagues, and others, encouraging their involvement in Day One.

  • Attend YPB meetings and meet periodically with the Director or a Day One Governing Board Member.

  • Provide advice to Day One staff – in their area of expertise – on issues such as fundraising, media relations, community outreach, programming for NYC youth, trainings for NYC professionals, serving NYC youth in a culturally appropriate manner, local social service and school-based referrals, policy development, and administrative matters.

  • Design, plan, attend, support, and volunteer in the execution of two Day One events and other potential fundraising campaigns.

  • Develop knowledge about Day One’s programs by attending a community-based workshop and other events during the year, meeting the staff of the organization, and maintaining current knowledge of Day One’s partnerships and activities through the Day One website.

  • Commit to financially supporting Day One by raising at least $500 per year, $50 of which must be met through a personal gift.

If you are interested in joining this dedicated group of young professionals, please email Sashay Turner at

By investing in youth to teach appropriate behavior early, we are building a better future for everyone. Especially given the state of our country today, I am passionate about being a part of the changing narrative moving forward.

Michaela, Young Professionals Board Member

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