Nuestros Servicios

Nuestro equipo actualmente está realizando todos los servicios de forma remota. Nuestro programa seguirá aceptando nuevas referencias para asesoramiento y manejo de casos, y podemos responder a cualquier solicitud de apoyo a través de nuestra línea de ayuda y línea de texto.

Línea de texto: 646.535.DAY1 (3291)

Linea de adyuda: 800.214.4150

Day One uses an empowerment model that invests young people in maintaining safe relationships for themselves and their peers, and engages youth in designing projects to raise awareness in their communities. 

Day One provides young people with direct services, including counseling, legal support, and case management; educational and preventive services, including workshops and webinars; and leadership development activities.

All direct services are free for youth under the age of 24 and available in English and Spanish.

For general inquiries about our programs, please contact our Director of Program, Billye Jones at

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