Our team provides young people with direct services, including counseling, legal support, and case management; educational and preventive services, including workshops and webinars; and leadership development activities.

All direct services are free for NYC youth, 24 years of age and under, and available in English and Spanish.

For general inquiries about our programs, please contact us.

Social Services

Our team is currently conducting all services remotely. Our program is accepting new referrals for counseling and case management, and we are able to respond to any requests for support via our helpline and text line.

Helpline: 800.214.4150

Text Line: 646.535.DAY1 (3291)

Day One’s Social Services Program assists clients affected by dating abuse through:
  • Individual counseling

  • Support groups discussing dating violence, healing, pregnancy and parenting, etc.

  • Case management services for clients in need of housing support, shelter, public benefits, or other advocacy

  • Accompaniment to appointments that can include emergency clinic visits, HRA, and police precincts/court

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Day One’s Direct Services Program provides free and confidential counseling, case management, as well as legal advice, information, and direct representation to young people aged 24 and under related to dating abuse. Day One offers its direct services in both English and Spanish. We now provide additional services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/gender non-conforming, queer, and questioning youth who are struggling with intimate partner abuse.

Day One’s legal services program assists clients affected by dating abuse through:
  • Assistance in filing for and obtaining Orders of Protection in NYC Family Court

  • Full representation at Family Court hearings for orders of protection, paternity, custody, visitation, and child support

  • Assistance in filing for domestic violence-based immigration relief, such as VAWA petitions, Battered Spouse Waivers, and U Visas

  • Advocacy and support navigating the criminal justice system with the goal of obtaining an Order of Protection

  • Advocacy in an educational setting, such as assistance in obtaining a school safety transfer

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Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP)

Day One’s Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) partners with high schools across New York City to provide critical teen dating violence prevention and intervention.

Each school hosts a Day One RAPP Coordinator, a licensed master social worker, who provides:
  • Trauma informed individual and group counseling

  • Classroom workshops to educate students on relationship abuse

  • Professional development for teachers and school staff

  • Leadership development in a paid summer internship program

  • Community outreach to youth, parents, and community members

Participants in RAPP are referred by teachers, support staff, peers, or can self-refer.

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Early Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (ERAPP)

ERAPP is a New York City-wide initiative partnering with middle schools to incorporate healthy relationship education. Our ERAPP educators deliver educational and interactive workshops in 24 middle schools that provide students with foundational skills and tools to build healthy and safe relationships. Workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each school or classroom community and include activities that engage a variety of learning styles.

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Elementary Prevention Initiative for Children (EPIC!)

EPIC! is founded on the idea that the skills and behaviors for healthy relationships start young. According to The Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), more than two decades of research show that social and emotional learning programs not only improve behavior and relationships skills, but also increase students’ academic success. Integrating social and emotional learning goals into an academic context makes sense for everyone. With this in mind, Day One piloted interactive, practice-based, healthy relationships workshops to children in grades K-5.

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Leadership Development

Day One’s Leadership Development program is an after school leadership development and dating violence prevention program for high school students wanting to learn more about teen dating abuse, advocacy, and leadership skills.

We build leadership through a healthy relationships and dating violence prevention curriculum, public speaking training, weekly open discussion, interactive campaign planning, activism, community building, and educational trips.

Our goal is to provide high school students with the tools and resources to be champions of healthy relationships and leaders in dating violence prevention in schools.

We offer these programs year-round, after school and in the summer.

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