According to The Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), more than two decades of research show that social and emotional learning programs not only improve behavior and relationships skills, but also increase students’ academic success. Integrating social and emotional learning goals into an academic context makes sense for everyone. With this in mind, Day One piloted interactive, practice-based, healthy relationships workshops to children in elementary school.

Today, Day One has a series of educational materials entitled “Let’s Talk About Healthy Friendships” for youth-serving professionals and parents/caregivers.

The collaboration is designed for elementary teachers, principals, and counselors. With materials designed to meet national standards for grades 4-5, it gives students the tools to manage their emotions and treat friends with respect. View and download the lesson plans from the links below.

Day One is excited to continue our collaboration with The Jerome Chazen Fund and other partners to develop even more resources and materials for teachers in grades K-5. Keep checking our site for updates on our progress.

If you are a teacher who has questions or would like to request support for your schools, please reach out to us at

Professionals trainings and caregiver workshops are tailored for each audience, and can include information on the following topics:

  • Supporting Healthy Relationship Development in Children as Violence Prevention

  • Creating Trauma-Informed Classrooms

  • Starting Conversations about Healthy Relationships with Young Children

  • Creating Consent Culture in the Classroom

  • Youth Empowerment and Supporting Children’s Agency

  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Students and Families

  • Supporting Child Witnesses and Survivors of Violence

If you are looking for resources to continue supporting conversations around healthy relationships among your students:

  • creates educational animated videos focused on healthy relationships, sexuality, gender and healthy bodies. Amaze jr is geared towards children ages 4-9.

  • Queer Kid Stuff is an educational video series for children and adults who want to discuss healthy relationships, sexualities and gender identities. They also have LGBTQ+ affirming lesson plans for educators.

  • Stop sexual assault in schools launched a #metooK12 campaign and provides resources/toolkits for educators and caregivers who want to address sexual harm in their schools.

  • Sex Positive Families provides book lists and resources for children by age on various topics related to consent, healthy relationships and body autonomy. They also have resources for adults including coaching sessions to support these conversations.

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