Day One supports people of all gender expressions. That’s why we use “they” pronouns here.

Everyone deserves to be in a safe relationship. No matter your sexual identity, gender expression, or whether you’re publicly out, you deserve a respectful and supportive partnership.

When it comes to healthy LGBTQ+ relationships, there are lots of ways you and your partner can create safety for each other. In a healthy LGBTQ+ relationship, your partner:

  • Supports and affirms your sexual identity and gender expression

  • Holds your sexual identity or gender expression in confidence, if you’re not publicly out

  • Encourages you to safely express yourself in your relationship

  • Respects your boundaries about sexual activity and promotes safer sex

  • Takes responsibility for themselves and their actions

  • Shares decision-making with you equally

  • Speaks honestly and builds trust through open communication

  • Refrains from manipulative, controlling, or jealous behaviors

And you should do the same for your partner! Both people in a relationship must work together to create trust and safety.

Want to learn more about your dating rights? Check out our LGBTQ+ Know Your Rights Guide.

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