Young people can get involved in leadership activities in a variety of ways. In the summer, Peer Leaders participate in the RAPP Summer Peer Leadership Institute, where they participate in training and connect with peers from schools across the city. The goal is for students to work together to learn about dating violence and healthy relationships, and to become peer educators and advocates with each other and at their schools.

During the school year, peer leaders and other students come together through group development and activities to lift up topics that are important to them. Peer/Youth Leaders also coordinate and develop awareness campaigns about issues they identify as meaningful to themselves and other young people.

Find Your School

Day One is currently providing the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (RAPP) at eight high schools.

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Tips: How to Be A Youth Leader

Hear from our Peer Leaders and learn how you can become a youth leader.

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Writing Prompts and Exercises

Learn how journaling is a great way to help you process your feelings and practice self-care.

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Student Blogs and Zines

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