Personally, I was young when I went through my relationship. I was in high school and college, and the only kind of network I had to rely on was myself and my friends, and then I ended up going to a therapist, which was really helpful. So, I think having a place like Day One, where people can come and it’s specifically targeted to young adults is very important.

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Day One helped me to build better relationships with people, and to learn how to communicate better. Instead of ignoring problems when I’m having them, I can deal with them within myself, and I have also come to realize that it’s not always just me. There’s always someone that can assist you with what you’re going through.

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I believe that every person that Day One has affected, their lives have changed, so they are also going to take this path of healing their own communities. So it’s like a network, and the more we can expand it, the more we can reach out to everyone in need.

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If everybody’s informed, then there would be less bigotry and stuff like that. Plus, if they get involved, then you can involve other students, like how I got involved because of my friends. At first, they were not super interested to join the conversation, but by the time we left they were excited about it. I just want Day One to involve a lot more people and grow as an organization. The more information that other students have, the better it will be.

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I found out about Day One from the RAPP coordinator, Syd. So I went, and I’ve been having a blast talking about every kind of topic that normally people don’t really talk about. I never really talked about abusive relationships. I feel like this summer, my friends have been like, “Whoa, Klevisa, you’re changing, you’re becoming mature.” Now, I give advice to people.

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I learned about Day One when I was going through some stuff. It’s a very open space, and everyone is different, so you can learn different things. Day One helped me figure out what I want to do, because before, I struggled with the idea of not wanting to go to college or anything. But everyone at Day One is so supportive.

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