“I am so glad I formed these relationships with my fellow peer leaders. They are so genuine and strong; I can’t wait to keep in touch with them. The breakout rooms were a good way to connect.”

“Forming relationships with my fellow peer leaders was a great experience because even though we’re different people, we can agree on things or find interest in things without judgment.”

“I feel that I have met amazing folks, great individuals that have taught me that speaking up and having confidence is an amazing asset to creating new relationships. The RAPP coordinators were always sensible and respected our boundaries, allowing us to chat and keep our camera off, this was just wonderful. Being a very conscious person, the respect I got from everyone was perfect and I love every RAPP member for allowing this! I just want to say that RAPP could not be any better because it is already perfect! Everyone is understanding and has helped me pull through these past few weeks great! Thank you so much.”

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