Day One’s mission is to help young people cultivate positive, respectful relationships. But what exactly does a healthy relationship look like?

We’re glad you asked!

Whether we’re talking about friends, family members, or romantic partners, there are a few key elements all healthy relationships share:

9 Signs of a Healthy Relationship: Independence, Boundaries, Support, Consent, Equality, Communication., Safety, Trust, and Respect

Equality: Both parties in the relationship put in a similar effort. Their wants and needs are given equal consideration. No one person is trying to control the other.

Respect: Who you are — your identity, culture, likes, and dislikes — is recognized and honored.

Trust: You feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions, and the other person listens to them. You do the same in return. When someone expects something to be kept private, it is.

Communication: You may not always agree or feel the same way, but you can express how you feel, and your feelings are acknowledged and respected.

Boundaries: You share how you would like to be treated in your relationship. Both people accept the other person’s limits.

Consent: Once you communicate your boundaries about personal space and privacy, you know the other person will adhere to those boundaries.

Support: You both have each other’s best interests at heart. You lift each other up and help each other succeed.

Independence: While you enjoy each other’s company, you also have your own life, friendships, and goals. You’re secure in spending time away from each other and doing things separately.

Safety: You feel comfortable being yourself and sharing your thoughts, feelings, and opinions without fear of the other person growing angry or upset. You don’t fear the other person will harm you.

All relationships have ups and downs, but on the whole, healthy relationships will check all of these boxes the majority of the time.

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