Love is the umbrella under which all the values huddle together, each connected to, and sharing the weight of the handle.


Grounded in respect and empathy for all youth, Day One strives to achieve a balanced system of self-determination and accountability. Our work is survivor-driven, and we act as a voice for change, advocating for equitable systems that offer young people access to fairness and justice.


Day One values and respects each person’s right to their past and present experiences. We support their freedom to make informed decisions, and the exploration and growth of their opinions and abilities.


Day One believes that anti-oppressive practices are an essential element of our work. We reflect on our own privileges and participate in ongoing learning and action to name and address the ways in which oppression manifests itself.


Day One values the ability of our clients, ourselves, and our communities to transform, heal, and grow. Seeking out and incorporating new information, experiences, skills, and stakeholder feedback on all levels allows us to be thought leaders in the field of building healthy relationships among teens, driving the local and national conversation forward.


We believe everyone plays a role in ending intimate partner violence. Day One engages young people, adults, systems and community stakeholders to build an environment which brings visibility to the experiences of survivors and promotes healthy relationships.

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