Love is the practice of respect, honesty, friendship, communication, trust, compassion, mutual accountability, patience, understanding, and willingness to grow. To promote and model healthy love, we practice it ourselves.


We recognize justice looks different for everyone. We employ a variety of tools to define accountability, center youth decision-making power, and encourage survivors’ self-determination.


Empowerment means valuing and respecting each person’s right to the complexity of their experiences. We support young people’s freedom to make informed decisions as they explore and expand their opinions, skills, and opportunities.


We seek to leverage our privilege to create the conditions under which our team’s needs are met and our multifaceted communities thrive. We use an intersectional approach to create fair access to resources, and to affirm our staff’s and clients’ lived experiences.


We believe in our ability, and that of our clients and communities, to continually reshape, heal, and grow. We support young people in reaching their full potential by reimagining healing and by seeking out and incorporating new ideas, experiences, and feedback at all levels.


Community sits at the core of our belief that everyone plays a role in ending intimate partner violence. We engage young people, adults, systems, and community stakeholders to build an environment that promotes healthy relationships and brings visibility to survivors.

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