Each school hosts a Day One RAPP Coordinator, a licensed master social worker, who provides:

  • Trauma informed individual and group counseling

  • Classroom workshops to educate school population on relationship abuse

  • Professional development for teachers and school staff

  • Community outreach to youth, parents, and community members

Participants in RAPP are referred by teachers, support staff, peers, or can self-refer.

Summer Peer Leadership Institute (SPLI)

SPLI is a paid, seven-week leadership program that trains peer leaders, who applied to be a part of the summer program, to be educators in their schools. They are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills and tools for community engagement and activism. Over the duration of the program, students develop a heightened understanding of topics pertaining to social justice, ending relationship abuse and sexual violence, and engaging their communities in social change.

Day One is currently providing RAPP in eight high schools:

For more information about RAPP, please contact our Social Work Supervisor, Rebecca Stahl at rstahl@dayoneny.org.

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