Calls for help: Domestic abuse services in demand during the pandemic

Day One is a not-for-profit working with young people to end dating abuse and domestic violence. Staff members say the demand for services more than doubled during the pandemic, and part of the increase may be a sign of the times.

“For many of the young people that we work with through the pandemic, the way that they’ve experienced violence has been through technology and online,” said Andrew Sta. Ana, the director of Law and Policy for Day One.

Beyond offering legal services and counseling, part of Day One’s outreach focuses on prevention. Zomely Grullon, an early relationship abuse prevention program educator, runs educational workshops at middle schools in the Bronx and Harlem, helping to identify what can be an unhealthy relationship.

“We believe you. We support you. You are not alone,” Grullon said — words Woodbine conveys to others. Her survival, though, provides the proof that they can do it too.

“We try to give these people hope,” Woodbine said. “Nothing lasts forever, no matter how hard it is right now.”

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