#DVAM2017 Social Media Posting Guide

Background: Thirty years ago, October was designated Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) as a way to build public consciousness of a pervasive, but hidden social problem. This year, we invite you to help raise awareness of DVAM among your friends, family, and followers by tapping into your social media networks.

1. Make sure you’re following Day One on social media, if you aren’t already!

2. Create DVAM content to share across your social media accounts throughout October.

  • Tell people about DVAM and its significance.
  • Share why DVAM is important to you personally, if you feel comfortable.
  • Share important statistics about dating abuse, IPV, and DV.
  • Have fun! Get creative with text, graphics, and even selfies to help generate awareness.
  • Direct people to the DayOneNY.org website for resources on how to recognize signs of dating abuse/IPV and how to get help.
  • Always mention our campaign hashtag, #LoveShouldAlwaysBeSafe, in your posts. This will help us measure campaign impact, learn, and improve upon our programs.
  • Incorporate other trending DVAM #s to help people discover your posts, e.g. #DVAM2017, #ImAnAdvocate, #WhyICare, #endDV, #NoMore, #ThisIsDV, #31n31, #DVAMTurns30, #PurpleThursday.

3. Like, share, retweet, regram Day One’s posts to help spread the word on what we’re doing. Doesn’t get easier than this!

4. Want to do more? Join people across the country during National Week of Action and share your actions on social media. Remember to include our campaign hashtag in your posts!

  • Sunday, October 15, Conversation Sunday: Start conversations about DV with friends, family, colleagues, or even your followers. Sample Talking Points.
  • Monday, October 16, Media Monday: Challenge misconceptions about DV that you’ve seen perpetuated on social media. Also, share tips for how to stay safe online.
  • Tuesday, October 17, Tie-In Tuesday: Join the national Twitter chat from 2-3 PM (ET). @DayOneNY will be a co-host, and this year’s theme is #Safety4Survivors.
  • Wednesday, October 18, Write-In Wednesday: Write a letter to the editor to call attention to and share your perspective on DV. See tips for writing an effective letter and an example letter to the editor.
  • Thursday, October 19, #PurpleThursday: Wear purple to show your support for survivors and for ending DV! Post a selfie, sharing three words for what real love means to you. For those working on the front lines of change, the color purple has come to represent courage, persistence, honor, and the commitment to ending DV.
  • Friday, October 21 – Film Friday: Host #DVMovieNight! See movie ideas and movie night conversation guide.
  • Saturday, October 22 – Shout-Out Saturday: Celebrate the people you admire who speak out for survivors and use their voices to make a difference.

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