Silence Is Not An Option.

Day One is an anti-violence organization, and we condemn violence in all of its forms. Over the past two weeks, there has been a massive surge in public dialogue about anti-Blackness, racism, and police brutality, sparked in part by the murders of Black individuals around the country, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery.

We want to be clear: we condemn racism in all of its forms, and we know that our goal of ending domestic violence cannot be achieved until we dismantle racism and white supremacy. We will take leadership from and stand with Black, POC, queer, trans, and disability advocates in this fight. We say unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.

Violence against the Black community by police and others has been tolerated for too long. This violence stems from a legacy of racism and white supremacy and directly results in gross social inequities, including poverty, disenfranchisement, and inadequate education and health care, all of which disproportionately impact communities of color. The pandemic, coupled with countless killings of Black people, has revealed these disparities to many outside the affected communities. Explanations, justifications, and victim-blaming are unacceptable and cannot conceal the extraordinary degree, amount, and impact of the harm.

Through our work in anti-violence, we will continue to fight to make this world a better place, especially for the survivors of violence. We will not turn away from the violence impacting the Black community, and we will lift up the names and voices of those who died at the hands of police and others. We owe it to those who have come before us and those who come after us to live in a world free of all violence.

Day One will continue to name and work to dismantle the impacts of white supremacy on our community. We commit to speaking loudly and more frequently about the violence surrounding our clients, staff, and community. When we make mistakes, we encourage you to let us know.

Thank you for taking action and continuing to support Day One in seeking justice.

In solidarity,

Stephanie Nilva, Executive Director

Black activists and organizers have been doing this work for a long time. We turn to their expertise and experiences in this movement. Day One has compiled a list of organizations working on racial justice, ending police brutality, and providing bail reform. Thank you for contributing if you are able. 

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