The Youth To Youth Program Presents You & I: A Teen’s Guide To Relationships

This summer, Day One’s Youth to Youth Leadership Development Program worked together to create this relationship reflection journal as their end-of-program final project. The goal of this journal was to get young people thinking about their relationships, with partners and with themselves. Going through different stages of a relationship, You and I: A teen’s guide to relationships hopes to provide some guidance in reflecting on love in all its forms. 

Participants were asked to come up with prompts and activities for the journal, as well as design the look of the final project. With the support of associate director of awareness and prevention, Johanna Burgos, and youth to youth program assistant, Elle Feigin, nine high school students from NYC made this project happen: Tamiia Alexander, Sage Augustin, Jessica Emile, Lanijah Jones, Tamala Jones, Destiney Hill, Dolka Rodriguez, Sacha Cherizier, and Lashanti Black.

Click the image above to download or click here. Enjoy!

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