Statement On Breonna Taylor

Since 2003, Day One has been working with young people to end dating abuse and domestic violence. Our hearts go out to her family and friends experiencing this level of disregard on top of their loss. We are heartbroken and furious that her killers will not be held accountable.

In a functioning system, law enforcement protects people. Today, young people, and young survivors of violence, are unable to turn to the police for safety or justice. Breonna Taylor received neither from the police. With her death, and the killings of so many Black women, men, and children, the criminal justice system cannot be said to be serving everyone. Day One supports the movement to defund the police and direct those resources to other prevention and intervention efforts. We are working to end domestic violence, and we cannot achieve our goal until the violence of racism and white supremacy ends. 

There is a history of oppression and racism that delegitimizes and devalues Black bodies and contributions in our country. We stand with Black women and communities, and we say again: Black Lives Matter. We demand justice. We pledge to continue the fight to end violence. 

Day One encourages all of our supporters to take action in a way that is meaningful to you. If you are not registered to vote and you are able to do so, please visit Additionally, we are sharing here the names of some Black-led organizations that are working on ending police brutality and supporting protesters. We encourage you to make a contribution or support their work.

Black Lives Matter

Brooklyn Bail Fund

Louisville Community Bail Fund

Campaign Zero

Color of Change

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