#GivingTuesday: Give Back To Your Community This Holiday Season

Since 2003, Day One has been working with young people to end dating abuse and domestic violence. Day One provides a helpline and text line in order to reach a wider geographic area, particularly during the pandemic. These digital services provide confidential assistance over the phone to young people, help parents support teens/young adults involved in abusive relationships, and issues technical assistance to professionals handling a dating abuse/domestic violence case. Help us celebrate healthy relationships this year by supporting Day One’s life-saving work on #GivingTuesday!

What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving, celebrated on December 1st, after Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

#GivingTuesday is the opportunity for you to begin your holiday season with a meaningful donation to celebrate generosity and support nonprofit organizations that are transforming communities around the world. 

You have a day for giving thanks, now you have a day for giving back!

History of #GivingTuesday

Created in 2012, #GivingTuesday was designated for celebrating the generosity of giving. Today, #GivingTuesday has transformed into a global movement and one of the biggest giving days of the year.  

Every act of generosity contributes to the mission of #GivingTuesday, building a more just and generous world.

What Can I Do?

You can help by fundraising on behalf of Day One or directly donating here.

You can also download our #GivingTuesday toolkit.

Your donation will help end relationship violence by directly supporting our programs serving young people in maintaining safe relationships and raising awareness in their communities. Our programs include:

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a significant increase in reports of domestic violence worldwide. Specifically, during the month of June, the New York City Police Department reported domestic violence reports have increased by 33% compared to June 2019, and that’s just the cases reported. Day One’s Executive Director, Stephanie Nilva remarks that the exact number is probably much higher. “Experts know this is not representative of what the occurrence is. We know there are people who aren’t reaching out for help, and also communities where there are over-policing and environments where when police are called, a police report doesn’t result.” said Nilva.

Young people experiencing relationship abuse need your help now more than ever. Your donation, no matter the size, will change the lives of young people in New York City. 

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