Why should you provide your staff with Day One’s professionals training?

Day One’s professionals trainings are youth-informed, non-judgmental, inclusive, and include a mixture of activities, lecture and video. They are a time to brainstorm with fellow youth-serving professionals. Through training your staff will increase their knowledge and skill about how to prevent and recognize dating abuse and better support survivors when they seek help.

Who will benefit from attending Day One’s workshops?

Anyone who interacts with youth! Day One’s professionals trainings are adjusted to be relevant to participants’ professional backgrounds.  Day One trainers have experience training professionals from a range of backgrounds including law enforcement, prosecutors, case managers, advocates, teachers, social workers and court staff.

Does Day One provide any continuing education credits?

Day One can provide CEUs for social workers, and if the host organization is certified to do so, CLEs for attorneys.

How much does professionals training cost?

Day One operates on a sliding scale fee beginning with $250/hour for professionals trainings or $400/hour if continuing education units are being granted. No one will be turned away for lack of ability to pay.

What technology will I need in order to host a Day One professionals training?

Day One trainers use Prezi for all presentations. For an optimal training experience, we need the following technology: speakers, a hook-up between a computer and a projector/screen, and internet access.

What topics will the trainings cover?

See the descriptions of Day One’s core trainings here. In addition, a list of add-on topics can be attached to a core training (those topics would require additional time).

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