Supporting Teens & Kids Through This Time — #HealMeToo Podcast

#HealMeToo Podcast

As we enter a new year, with many young people resuming remote learning, #HealMeToo is sharing an interview recorded in early fall, with insights, guidance and practical tips from Ashleigh Anderson, a Relationship Abuse Prevention Program coordinator at NYC’s Edward R. Murrow High School.

In this episode, learn about:

  • Teens and middle-schoolers’ specific vulnerabilities to tech abuse in this time
  • Creating boundaries when we’re at home and everyone’s connected 24/7
  • Why helping our kids can be tricky when we adults are enduring the same traumas, too
  • A deeper take on self-care (it’s not just taking baths)
  • How adults sometimes gloss over the impact of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement for young people
  • Ways to normalize the way kids and teens are feeling
  • Tips for recognizing and helping address some symptoms of PTSD

You can watch the video recording of the podcast below, or listen to just the audio here.

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