Ruling In Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Day One joins the majority of citizens in expressing our fury with, and adamant opposition to, today’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.  

This decision will not end abortion — it will end safe abortion for hundreds of thousands of people, especially for youth, people with fewer financial resources, people of color, and people isolated by geography, religion, language, or other barriers. Those with money and power will likely face few or no obstacles. 

To be clear, this decision is violence against women, all those who can become pregnant, and others. Not only will survivors of domestic, dating, and sexual violence be placed at further physical risk, but they — and many others — will be forced into lives they did not choose for themselves — lives of poverty, disenfranchisement, and profound emotional and psychological harm. Others will be at risk of physical danger or death due to forced pregnancy or interference with their healthcare.

Our work at Day One centers a young person’s rights and their freedom to make informed choices about their safety, bodies, and health in and outside of their relationships. Whether they are choosing to leave an abusive relationship or making critical choices about their safety, we believe that these choices are deeply personal and nuanced. By eliminating the right to an abortion in many states across the country, today’s decision makes young victims of interpersonal violence even more vulnerable and unsafe.

The impact of today’s decision does not end with abortion. The ruling makes clear that rights many of us may take for granted, about our marriages, freedom in relationships, gender-affirming care, and contraception, are not considered guaranteed by the Supreme Court. 

While we are horrified by the misogyny and racism that led to this decision, we are not surprised by it. Too many policies and systems have oppression and disregard of female-identified and marginalized people at their roots.  

We pledge to redouble our advocacy and join our community partners in fighting to protect and expand the rights of the young people with whom we work, our colleagues, and stakeholders of all kinds.

You can find local opportunities to demonstrate here.

In solidarity,

The Staff of Day One

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